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Green Companies in the Southwest Benefit with Advanced Communications Systems

Going green is becoming more and more important. Numerous companies in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the rest of the Southwest offer their clients the ability to go green and operate in a more eco-friendly way. However, while these firms certainly offer significant benefits by providing their clients with innovative solutions, they still need the right communication systems to ensure profitability, growth and customer satisfaction.

Immediate Communication Is Expected

Let's face it; your customers expect their calls to be answered. They do not expect to have to leave a message. As a service provider, it is your responsibility to ensure that those calls are answered when they come through. However, doing that can be more than difficult. While your office staff can likely handle light call loads with relative ease, what happens during peak hours? What happens when your business grows?

The problem here is that as the pace of business picks up, more and more callers will be forced either to call back or to leave a message. That's not a good solution. Moreover, there are calls that come through after regular hours that need to be answered, as well. Most companies cannot afford to maintain an office staff when the office is closed, simply to answer calls.

Green Companies Benefit from Live Answering Services

The answer to this quandary is to use a live answering service. There are several key benefits here. The primary benefit is that you will be able to ensure that all of your calls are answered by a live operator, and that those calls are routed to the correct team member instantly. You will also benefit by reducing your expenses, as well, though.

For instance, maintaining a full office staff simply to ensure that your phones are answered during regular business hours is an enormous expense. Even a single dedicated operator at a minimal pay rate will cost you almost $2,000 per month, not counting employee benefits. However, with a live call center, you are able to achieve far better results while paying far less money.

Key Features of a Live Answering Service

Before you leap into the arena and hire the first answering service you find, you should know a bit more about what services should be offered. A green company like yours will require the use of a live answering service with the lowest hold times in the industry – that's imperative to providing excellent customer service and engendering better customer retention.

In addition, you will need to make sure that the answering service offers the features you need, such as receptionist services, call screening, help desk services, order fulfillment, literature requests, event registration and more. Each of these services can provide enormous benefits for you, freeing up both manpower and capital within your company.

Your Best Option

The industry leader in this sector is VoiceNation Live – you'll find the lowest prices in the industry, but the highest quality service and the best possible results. VoiceNation Live is capable of providing scalable services and ensuring that your customers receive the service and attention they deserve, while providing your firm with substantial advantages.


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