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Mining and Related Enterprises Require Instant Communications

Of all the changes that technology has enabled in the world, perhaps the greatest impact has been in communications. Today, there are numerous ways for mining companies and related enterprises to communicate, including email, text messages, cell phones, social networks and more. While this might seem as though it has made it simpler than ever to remain in contact with customers and clients, the reverse is actually true.

The explosion of communications mediums has made it more difficult for companies to ensure that they are able to stay in touch with clients, customers and others. Staffing a full time office simply to answer phone calls is no longer financially viable for many mining companies and others in the industry. Simply put, companies face an uphill battle here. It is essential that calls be answered immediately, without sending callers to voicemail. However, doing so is virtually impossible without incurring enormous costs and reducing profitability to an unacceptable level.

The Need for Immediate Communication

It is imperative that your calls be answered when they come in. Moreover, in the mining industry, those calls can come in at any time – they're not relegated to "regular business hours." You have to be prepared to answer calls at all hours of the day or night, over the weekend and even on holidays. That's simply not financially viable.

Be that as it may, your callers expect to come first, and they should. Whether those calls are from clients, from mine managers, from trucking companies or from suppliers, it's imperative that calls be answered immediately.

Live Call Answering Offers Savings and Benefits

While it might not be possible to staff your office fully or to invest in a full time call center as your call volumes might demand, that does not mean there are no answers to your needs. In fact, a live call answering service can help ensure that all of your calls are answered, and you will even find reliable live dispatch in the field, which is an invaluable service.

Live call answering services should provide some specific benefits, though. Not all of them are the same, and choosing the wrong service can have a definite negative impact on your company. One feature that should be offered is the provision of specifically trained agents trained for your requirements. Obviously, a general operator is not going to be sufficient to answer questions related to the mining industry. Therefore, you need to ensure that the live answering service you choose offers operators that are trained to meet the needs of your industry.

You also need to ensure that such a service offers unlimited call patching and transfers, both to your office, as well as to field agents. 24-hour coverage during the week, on weekends and during holidays should also be offered – at no additional charge.

If this sounds like a tall order, you should know that VoiceNation Live has the capability and dedication required to meet your needs and ensure that your calls are answered and messages relayed in real time. In addition, you will find the lowest cost in the industry, coupled with the most advantageous benefits.