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How Answering Services Can Build or Break Your Company's Reputation

How Answering Services Can Build or Break Your Company's Reputation

How the call center industry is shaping customer satisfaction worldwide

Anyone who’s ever had to resolve a situation, be it about his credit card or his broadband connection, knows the true value of speaking with another real human being. Automated phone systems that ask people to dial in numbers can make anyone agitated specially if their needs are urgent. So if you’re the CEO of a company who uses these computer controlled telephones, be forewarned. You just might lose a lot of customers.

While it’s true that the amount of savings that you could have made with these can be significant, losing this vital human touch will also make you lose another thing, customer loyalty.

Before it’s too late, a quality answering service may be the only thing that can make or break the reputation of your company. Choose wisely.

 A Global Contact Center Benchmarking report noted in 2007 that the satisfaction of customers of companies throughout the world decreased to 68%. That’s a big number, and is reflective of the deteriorating and increasingly becoming neglected part of a business.

The human voice is a very powerful instrument. With it, kingdoms have been led. With it, history has been changed. Imagine how the American Civil Rights Movement would have come to be without the thundering voice of Martin Luther King Jr. declaring that he had a dream of justice and equality.

Now, try creating a mental picture of an automated telephone system making that speech.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Putting someone on the phone to answer in your behalf is not a matter to be trifled with. You should endeavor to ensure that the person answering the lines knows your creed and knows how to represent your company and product well.

That is precisely the whole crux of why you need to hire a company that can provide an answering service that has a heart and a brain.

What would happen if you get a person who doesn’t know how to speak your language, doesn’t know about your company, doesn’t know where it is, doesn’t care about the customer and just doesn’t even care at all?

It would be a complete disaster. Your reputation would be in tatters and you’ll be the end recipient of nastier phone calls and feedback.


The customer would not only feel anger because their concern was not heard by the right people, they’ll also feel like you duped them. They trusted you and bought your product, something goes wrong with it and then you simply passed the phone to somebody else.

How would you feel if your mechanic broke your car and when you tried to confront him about it, he asks you to go speak to his mom?

If you are serious about developing a solid relationship built on trust, accountability and excellence, be sure to get a quality answering service that has all the necessary tools and attitude to represent you well.

Protecting the Reputation of Your Company

Any businessman who knows that business is all about relationships know that reputation is something that must be protected and upheld.

quality answering service always begins with this premise. They’re not just freelancers who’re hopping along each project, they are essential “you”. The right attitude must stem with the desire and the premise that they would treat your customers as if they were their customers.

It has to be that way, or else, they would just ruin something that you’ve carefully built over the years.

If there is anything that can maintain or build up this trust, it must be competence. The key factor that separates a good call center from the best answering service is the ability of the center to discern the overall make up of your clients. 

Each industry has their own corresponding jargon and own corresponding types of customers. That’s why the most successful answering services are the ones that have a genuine grasp of the needs for each industry’s client. This can only be achieved with competence, training and technology.

Nothing can be more infuriating for a legal client to know that they’ve wasted their time talking for more than an hour to someone from somewhere very far, who knows nothing about the progress of their case. Remember, that these are serious matters pertaining to things that your clients have worked and spent their resources on. 

Remember too, that your clients also value their time.

Now if you’re serious about your business, make it a point to partner with someone who will also treat your clients seriously and with the passion, loyalty and dedication that you’ll give. Because in the end, it’s not just an answering service, it’s a relationship service.