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Company Culture

Success…It Happens Here

VoiceNation is a company unlike any other. (And we can prove it here!) We pour the same Passion, Innovation, and Excellence we give to our customers into our people. We LOVE our people and are always working to make a difference in the lives of others. And we realize our amazing team is what makes it possible to provide YOU with the service we do. This is where how we run our company meets the way we do business. It all starts with culture.

We do all we can to give our employees an environment where they can be happy and thrive. Why? Because at VoiceNation our staff is family. We want to WOW our employees with the same service they give to our customers. We want to meet their needs, give them an avenue to live out their passions, and build relationships with them. Relationships are such a big part of our business and it's important for our staff to build relationships with our customers as well.

Employee Comment

Here at VoiceNation, our staff comes armed with a can-do attitude each day. We expect nothing less. An attitude can make or break a team and we go above and beyond to motivate, encourage, and reward our team. You will find a tremendous amount of determination, integrity, commitment, adaptability, and personal accountability in our staff. They are valued team members and we love to see them succeed on both a personal and professional level.

VoiceNation is committed to each member of our team and we take pride in the people who have accepted the challenge to grow personally and professionally with us.

Our staff looks forward to coming to work each day. With a positive work environment, upfront parking, and awesome coworkers, who wouldn't want to come to work?! Oh yeah, and we have a "fun team" too! Yep, that's right. This team works hard each day to help make the daily experience unique and enjoyable for every employee. Make sure to check out our Facebook page to see outrageous photos driving home our company culture. Every week, we post a weekly recap blog to give you a behind the scenes look at our company culture, complete with highlights from our office shenanigans, fun days at the office, more importantly outreach initiatives.

Being a part of VoiceNation doesn't just mean a career with an innovative company. Through our non-profit organizations and community outreach initiatives, we provide charitable contributions to businesses and individuals on a local, national and global scale. Plus, each month, our staff has the opportunity to volunteer for charities they are passionate about through our Employee Volunteer Program. We believe, together, we can empower the world. Learn more about Georgia CALLS, Voice4Nations, and our community outreach initiatives.

We are company driven by a team that produces results. Our growth and success are visible proof of both our business strategy and company culture. It's why we are an industry leader in business telephone services and why we add only the best of the best to our call center service team.