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Virtual Fax

Gotta have a fax number for your business?

Trying to remember too many numbers can drive you crazy…home numbers, mobile numbers, work numbers, fax numbers…Geez! The list goes on and on. Shazam! Here comes VoiceNation to the rescue with free virtual faxing with most accounts.


Need a Toll Free Number?

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One less number to remember with Virtual Fax from VoiceNation

With your VoiceNation answering service plan, you get a free voicemail number that also doubles as a free inbound virtual fax number. One number, two features…that sure simplifies things…AND…it’s one less number you and your customers have to remember.

Getting your faxes has never been easier. When faxes are sent to your virtual fax number, you automatically get it by email in a PDF. Of course, you can print them if you need to but they can easily be stored on your computer for reference later. The icing on the cake is there’s no longer a need for you to be standing in front of that fax machine waiting for a fax and no more missed faxes either. That’s really a sweet deal!

With your virtual fax, you no longer need a traditional fax machine to receive faxes. No fax machine means saving money because you’re not buying paper or toner. Your virtual fax doesn’t require a separate fax line so you are saving even more by not paying for an additional telephone line. Cha-Ching!

Thanks a lot, your system is going to make our lives much easier and more efficient, we thought what you told us was too good to be true, but that does not appear to be the case!!! Your system is awesome!" — Stephen Miller, Gainesville, FL