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Hate is a Strong Word: Answering with Respect

A hate crime is defined as a crime that happens when the perpetrator targets a person because of his or her perceived inclusion in a certain social group. This social group can be anything based on race, religion, disability, nationality, ethnicity, class, gender, age, political affiliation, social status, gender identity or sexual orientation. A hate crime can also be called a bias-motivated crime. In law, a hate crime is a legal category that pertains to bias-motivated violence like injury, assault or murder that is based on personal characteristics or habits of a person.

A hate crime generally occurs due to the presence of prejudice or bias as well as ignorance in the perpetrator. Fear and intolerance about certain groups of people are another reason. A dearth of understanding regarding the differences that exist among different people and different cultures gives rise to the fear and intolerance. If these feelings are not addressed, they can spill over into acts of intimidation and then violence that is motivated by hatred.

The best way to learn tolerance and avoid hate crimes is by learning about a certain group of people. Learning about a group of people lowers the fear and intolerance levels because you are becoming more familiar with the group of people. Some groups of people are subject to more hate crime than others. These are Jewish people, African Americans and Homosexuals. They are the subject of hate crimes because of racism as well as the inability in society to accept lifestyle choices that are very different from the norm.


Racism Explained: This website provides a series of links to help people understand about the nature of racism. This website is an exhaustive resource.

Racism from a Minority Standpoint: This website features an article that discusses racism and sexism from the eyes of a minority. This is instructive in helping white people see things differently.

Markkula Center Example of Racism: This website from Santa Clara University features a hypothetical conversation with racist overtones. It discusses the concept of affirmative action.

Racism in Modern Times: This website talks about modern forms of racism. This is a shorter section that is easy to digest.

Types of Racism: This website features an examination of the different types of racism that exist. The website features six different forms of racism.


Religious Hate Crime Article: This website features an article that discusses religious hate crimes nationally and at the University of Miami. The website belongs to the University of Miami.

Information on Religious Hate Crimes: This website provides visitors with resources on dealing with religiously motivated hate crimes. This website is a UK government site.

Religious Hate Crimes in the US: This website provides information on the rise in religiously motivated hate crimes in the US. The website reports on congregational security news.

Prosecuting Religious Crime: This website features many PDF documents that explain how the government prosecutes religiously motivated crime. This website is from the UK government.

Trend of Religious Hate Crimes: This website features an article that talks about the trend of religious hate crimes in the US. This website is from USA Today.


Sexism in the Field of Math: This website features an article that discusses sexism in the discipline of the mathematics field. This website belongs to UC Berkeley.

Ethics and Sexism: This website features a multitude of links related to sexism and gender. This website belongs to the University of San Diego.

Sexism Questionnaire: This website features a questionnaire with sexist statements that are designed to measure an individual’s degree of sexism. This website belongs to Lawrence University.

Article on Sexism: This website features an article that discusses sexism in the workplace. This website is Virginia Tech’s.

Sexism among Muslims: This website provides an article that talks about the problems of sexism in Islam. This article is on the University of New Hampshire website.


Hate Crimes Stats: This website deals with statistics that show that hate crimes on the basis of nationality are among the most common reasons. These statistics come from Whitman College.

Hate Crimes in Russia: This website looks at ethnic hate crimes in the Russian Federation. This website belongs to San Diego State University.

Hate Crimes of an Ethnic Nature: This website features information on the Three Strikes Law of hate-crime legislation. This information comes from the Law Library.

Ethnic Hate Crimes since Obama Victory: This website features an article that discusses the increase in ethnic hate crimes since Barack Obama’s victory in 2008. This article comes from The Telegraph.

Mentally Ill or Disabled

Mental Health Hate Crimes Organization: This is the website of the Mind organization, which advocates for victims of hate crimes based on their mental state of mind. This organization comes from the UK.

Stats on Hates Crimes Against the Mentally Ill: This website features a news article that discusses statistics about the high rate of crime the mentally ill have to endure. This news article is out of the UK.

Stigma and Mental Illness: This website addresses the stigma associated with mental illness. This website talks about what a problem this is in the hate crimes arena.

Mental Illness in Prisons: The problem of mental illness in prisons is explored on this website. This is a PBS website.

Murdering the Mentally Ill: This website reports on the murder of a woman just because she was mentally ill. This is from NPR’s website.

Sexual Orientation

Hates Crimes on Transgender People: This website reports on hate-crime violence that transgendered people have endured. This comes from the Human Rights Campaign.

Stop the Hate Website: This website was set up to prevent hate crimes against LGBT students on college campuses. This website is owned by Campus Pride.

Matthew Shepard Website: This website is part of an organization that was set up to prevent hate crimes on gays. It was inspired by the Matthew Shepard murder of 1998.

LGBT Hate Crimes Project Website: This website exists to document LGBT hate crimes on the Wikipedia website. This website encourages visitor participation and reports.

The Taskforce Website: This website exists as a national voice for the LGBT community. It also works by building up political power for the LGBT community.


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