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VoiceNation Helps Launch Businesses Like Yours

VoiceNation serves businesses of all sizes and types in a variety of industries. We know each business is as unique as the people behind it. Fortunately our live answering services are customizable to fit any operation. Our user friendly online dashboard gives you total control. And we're the only around the clock answering service that can have you setup within minutes.

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A Sample of Industries We Serve

Here's a few of our amazingly broad client base. See how we've served these industries with our award-winning virtual answering service.

You handle a business’ most important asset. VoiceNation is here to help you manage your workload and insure your client that their finances are in the right hands.
Build a bigger business with a virtual phone service that goes where you go, from office to job site.
We help dental offices, orthodontists, and dental professionals increase patient satisfaction with 24 hour live phone coverage and emergency call transfers.
Running an e-commerce business requires a unique business strategy to match hours of operation. Our 24 hour answering services is the perfect fit when doors are open around the clock, around the world.
Public and private schools, colleges and universities provide more efficient means of communication between administrations, faculty, students, and parents with 24 hour answering service.
Our professionally trained receptionist offer care, compassion, and understanding when your callers need you most.
Custom telecommunications solutions strengthen business continuity plans and improve business communications throughout government agencies.
With 24 hour live phone support, you can give your clients the very best accommodations, day or night.
For HVAC companies, capturing all incoming calls is the lifeline of your business. That's where live answering service rises to the occasion so you don't miss another call.
From handling those late-night tier-1 support calls to routing calls to the appropriate teams, VoiceNation knows IT.
VoiceNation provides legal firms with 24 hour live operators to provide receptionist services, answer incoming calls after hours, schedule appointments, and transfer calls.
Simplify & automate your medical practice reception tasks with live answering service. Take calls, set appointments and more.
VoiceNation provides message taking, call forwarding, after hours on-call, emergency dispatching, and more for condos, apartment buildings, office complexes, and rental spaces.
Organize incoming calls per listing, provide information hotlines, and get 24 hour presence management to help you increase sales leads.
Virtual assistants and REIA operators make buying, selling, renovating, and managing multiple properties easier with VoiceNation's Real Estate Investors Answering Service.
Going above and beyond for customers to maintain a consistent level of quality customer service is a top priority in the restaurant business. Our 24 hour live phone support ensures your callers needs are met at all times.
We'll make sure you don't miss another call while you're out in the field. This way you gain new customers and keep existing ones happy.
Small business owners wear a lot of hats. We are here to help you bear the load and grow your business. Let us take your calls so you can focus on running your company.
From storm emergencies to the every day stump grinding job, VoiceNation will ensure you never miss a call.
Get 4 legs up on your competition by providing pet lovers 24 hour customer support and flexible options for their furry friends.
With VoiceNation's professional telecommunication solutions, hosting companies can provide 24 hour customer support with around the clock presence management.
Raise public awareness and expand communication for your non-profit organization.