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Language Arts and Reading Research

Over the last 40 years, research in the field of reading has led to a greater understanding in how children learn to read and write. This has led to changes in academic institutions to implement the best curriculum when teaching the language arts. Some institutions now have an answering service dedicated to academic excellence. Students should be given a strong foundation in phonemic awareness and an exposure to rich literature. Reading and writing are intertwined, and language arts activities should be a part of every area of the curriculum to most effectively benefit the student and reinforce learned material. To enhance and enrich lessons, teachers may find useful resources on the Internet.


Balanced Literacy

Lesson Plans

Interactive Games and Lessons

  • Comic Creator: A fun online activity that allows K-High School students to create and caption their own comics.

  • Grammar Practice Park: A selection of interactive games to help grades 3-5 to practice their grammar and sentence structure.

  • Houghton Mifflin English: Kid’s Place provides a number of interactive activities for grades 3-5.

  • Primary Games: Fun learning games based on language arts.

  • Mr. Nussbaum: Interactive games and activities that cover many aspects of language arts curriculum.

Professional Organizations


  • All About Kids Publishing: Richly illustrated leisure and educational books for children.

  • Barker Creek: Educational products and books that can be used in the home and the classroom.

  • Cobblestone and Cricket: Publishers of educational children’s magazines and books.

  • Candlewick Press: A large variety of children’s books for different purposes and reading levels.

  • Gryphon House: Specializing in early childhood resources and easy readers.

  • Golden Books: The division of Random House that publishes the classic Golden Books for young children.

  • Harper Collins Children's: Popular books and programs for schools and libraries.

  • Penguin Putnam Young Readers: A range of fiction and non-fiction books for early readers to teens.

  • Scholastic: A large publisher of educational books and learning material.

  • Usborne: An international publisher of children’s books covering all levels and interests.



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