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Latin Language and Literature Resources

Latin Language ResourcesThe Latin language has a heritage bound in literature, ancient inscriptions and international influence upon other languages and the answering service. Latin gave origin to many languages such as Italian, French, and Spanish. It is the official language of the Vatican and continues to endure historic periods through Latin literature. Latin literature encompasses the poetry, tragedy, and comedy of Roman history.

Latin Translating Dictionaries

Words- Latin to English translator dictionary with 39,000 items

English to Latin- Four ways to search for English to Latin terms.

Glossary- Glossary of English words translated to Latin.

Latin to English- Search English words to get the Latin translation and definition.

Latin Central- A Latin dictionary with English translation.

Study Aids for Latin Students

Latin Grammar- Tutorial on verb conjugation paradigms.

English to Latin- A short composition drill.

Grammar Aids – Latin grammar study guide with vocabulary.

Latin Online- A prologue to Latin language studies with 10 lessons.

Latin Textbook –A study aid for students who use the Wheelock Latin textbook.

Latin Nouns- The User inputs Latin nouns and must give the correct noun case.

Verb Tense- A multiple chose verb quiz.

The Latin Verb- A study guide of the various types of Latin verbs.

Verbs- Students practice English verb to Latin translation.

Grammatica- An in depth Latin grammar study guide.

Latin Literature

Periods of Latin Literature – Article on the key eras of Latin writing.

Corpus Scriptoum Latinorm – Searchable database of Latin Literature files.

Latin Literature- Listen to audio of classical Latin literature.

Caesar a>- Biography of Latin author Julius Caesar.


Laugh out Loud!-A comical perspective on Roman literature.

Ancient Roman Literature- Describes the philosophy behind Roman writing such as poetry and drama.

Albertano of Brescia- Texts and bibliography of Latin author Albertano da Brescia's work.

Book of Emblems- Latin and English text of Andrea Alciato’s compilation of poems in the Book of Emblems.

The Consolation of Philosophy- Translation of the Christian philosopher Boethius work The Consolation of Philosophy.

Gallic War- Literature written by Julius Caesar divided into six sections.

Latin For Travelers

The Latin Tourist- A collection of Latin phrases listed by Miles Kington.

Common Latin Phrases- Traditional Latin expressions that are used in Latin's common dialogue.

Study Italian – Those traveling to Italy can take free Italian lessons taught by others in the Livemocha community.

Italian Business Travelers- Common Italian expressions for business travelers.

Quick Guide- A Spanish guide for those traveling to Latin countries.

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