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Live Answering Myths

Live Answering Myths

Over the years call centers have gotten a bum rap due to industry stereotypes. Many people think that call centers are too expensive and that cheaper is better. Another common misconception is that all call centers are the same or they are only useful to for doctors. That is far from the truth. Not only are call centers widely used, but they are also very versatile.

  1. Call centers are expensive

    This statement is completely false. Compare VoiceNation Live's answering service to an onsite employee and you will see the difference. One full-time employee being paid $10 per hour will cost you over $1500 per month, and that's not including the costs for health benefits or sick/personal time. Now look at VoiceNation Live's Business live answer plan; it only costs $95 per month. That's a major price difference. And to put the cherry on top, VoiceNation Live will never charge you extra for holiday, call in sick, or require overtime pay.

  2. Answering services are just for doctors

    This is NOT true. Any sized business in any industry can make use of a live answering service; from Healthcare to Real Estate and everything in between. With the economy the way it is, many companies are looking for a cost effective solution to their staffing needs. Using a live answering service has provided many companies with the big business look minus the large price tag. Chances are many of the companies you call everyday utilize a call center. Whether your calls come in all at once or during non-standard business hours, an answering service can provide you with needed phone coverage. VoiceNation Live has an unlimited number of operators, so you will not miss another important call.

  3. All live answer services are the same

    Although the basic functionality of different call centers is the same, each live answer company is different. For example, would you open the phone book and randomly pick a roofer, doctor or car mechanic? Like every other industry, no two live answering companies are the same. One of the more obvious differences is that VoiceNation Live is an inbound only call center while many others are outbound only and also some are both inbound and outbound service providers. Also, there are the differences in training, staffing, available services and hours of operation and of course pricing. While some call centers only care about their bottom line, VoiceNation Live strives for excellence, which means you get the best possible service.

  4. Cheaper is better

    If you believe this, just remember the old saying: "you get what you pay for". Many times the 'cheaper' live answering service is actually an a la carte service. This means they are actually more expensive after everything is said and done. For example, a live answering service that charges a base fee of $90 per month may charge extra for holiday or after hour services, call patching or text message delivery. Once all these extra fees are added up, the 'cheaper' service now costs over $180 per month; that's practically double the price of VoiceNation Live's business plan. Not only do 'cheaper' answering services usually include hidden fees, but they usually do not provide excellent phone service. Poor customer service always leads to a high customer turnover rate, which will hurt your business in the long run.