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Live Answering Service vs. Onsite Employees

Worry Free Answering ServiceAs a business owner you are probably trying to decide how to properly staff your business. If you choose the wrong staff to answer your phones you are risking the success of your business. After all, your customers are the foundation for your business; where would you be without them? You can go the traditional route and have a receptionist sitting in the front of the office, customer service reps handling your current customers and several sales people landing new accounts. Or, you can have an unlimited number of receptionists and customer service reps at a fraction of the cost of onsite employees. You're probably wondering, "How is this possible?!" The answer is simple; hire an answering service like VoiceNation Live.

There are a multitude of reasons why you should choose VoiceNation Live. To start with the obvious, VoiceNation Live runs a 24 hour, 7day a week answering service while traditional full-time employees typically only work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Also, while an onsite full-time employee is required at least one 15 minute break and a 30 minute lunch, VoiceNation Live staffs its call center so there is always an available operator to take your calls. With VoiceNation Live's answering service you'll never have to worry about a missed phone call again; including holidays.

There is also a significant difference in cost between an onsite employee and an answering service. A traditional full-time receptionist or CSR being paid $10 per hour will cost you over $1600 per month; not including holiday or overtime pay. Compare that to VoiceNation Live's business plan at only $95 per month. That's right; VoiceNation Live provides more complete phone coverage than onsite employees for substantially less. Because your bottom line just may look better, you could invest more money into hiring a larger sales staff. Or simply save the additional money; this is defiantly helpful if you have a new business and are still dealing with the startup costs.

Another thing to consider while deciding between onsite staff and an answering service is which would be the best fit for your company. VoiceNation Live operators specialize in answering phones professionally and are extremely proficient. Unlike a traditional receptionist, VoiceNation Live operators are able to take substantially more calls than traditional employees due to their next generation call center. Also, VoiceNation Live operators use more than just a pen and paper. Messages are taken electronically and all calls are backed up; so you will never have to worry about lost messages.

Compare onsite employees to an answering service and you will see that there is no comparison. Hiring VoiceNation Live just makes sense.