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Social Studies Resources for Students and Teachers

Social Studies is made up of a combination of many different subject areas, including US History and World Cultures. In order to have a thorough understanding of each topic, students should look for information from a variety of educational resources or an answering service, cross-checking and double checking information to ensure that everything is cohesive. In fact, both teachers and students can benefit from a wide selection of informative resources. Whether a person is a longtime student of Social Studies, or just beginning to look at the subject, there is always something more to be learned.








United States History

  • All about Ben Franklin: Learn about Ben Franklin by way of a collection of interesting questions and answers.

  • The Civil War: Peruse several categories that contain the places, people, battles, and more that were a part of the Civil War.

  • Oregon Trail Information: Find a gathering of facts about the Oregon Trail.

  • Facts Regarding Abraham Lincoln: Discover information about Abraham Lincoln including his thoughts on particular subjects including liberty and education.

  • Lewis and Clark: Checkout facts and history relating to explorers Lewis and Clark.

  • Civil War Facts: Soldiers' letters and diaries are among the interesting Civil War material collected here.

  • The Gettysburg Address: An overview of the Gettysburg Address for young students to enjoy.

World History and Cultures



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