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Our answering service & virtual office solutions are used by top companies around the country. See what they're saying about VoiceNation.


Matt, Prestige Landscape & Tree Care

"Absolutely perfect. I have been dreading making these changes because I thought it was going to be difficult, but you have made it easier than I thought possible and I appreciate that. Please feel free to share this with any supervisor you may have. This is gold standard customer service!"

Chris, Chattanooga, TN

"I just called in for the first time to see how my phone answering was being handled (I just started my free trial).  It wasn't exactly right so I was directed to tech support but a very nice young man.  The service when I called tech support only got better.  Marie helped me get my call script adjusted, answered several questions and even gave me some pointers.  If my customers are handled this well this could be a long and happy relationship."

Richard Sailer, Sailer Law Firm

"I’m only about 1.5 weeks into your service. I can’t believe all the clients my prior answering service cost me by leaving people on hold too long, for the last 10 years I was getting 8-10 calls a month patched thru, you guys did that in the first week!!"

Jeff Garrison, JMG Consulting & Dreaming Big

"I have worked with a lot of vendors trying to automate a management system for my company. If it were not for Eric and the team at Voice Nation I am not sure that I would have had any success at all. I am overwhelmed with the level of professionalism that the entire team of Voice Nation offers and recommend their services to everyone that I know in the business world!"

Russell Smith, Maxilator

"Today we added one more question to the several that VoiceNation already asks our callers. This simple change took less than 10 minuets in a online chat at By gathering the new info we need, as well as getting call back information, this will allow us to better understand who our customer is before we return their call.”

Russell Smith, Maxilator

"VoiceNation connects me to sales all over the world.” 

Russell Smith

"2 calls to my VoiceNation line on Friday = 2 sales on Monday! Thanks!"

"You guys did great job with a caller I had yesterday. You all gathered the info I needed to close the deal in one phone call. $$!"

"I can't say enough good things about VoiceNation. They receive my incoming sales calls from internet and print advertising. They are always there to take calls and gather valuable information so I can research who they are and how I can meet their needs. My customers are happy with the service they get as well. VoiceNation helps me earn more money and they do it cheerfully and affordably."

Doug, BEMA Information Technologies

"Every time I talk to your operators you sound like the sweetest people in the world. It makes me want to come to GA and see if you all are as sweet as you sound. I want you to tell whoever does your hiring that they do a magnificent job and you all are awesome!"

Raul Gonzalez, Mr. Roofer

"VoiceNation is like a good woman, we leave but we always come back to her. Please call Mr. Raul Gonzalez a returning customer with VoiceNation. Thanks again for being there. This returning customer always feels at home with VoiceNation. It's like family. Thank you."

Wendi Folkersen, HOF Inc.

"I really like your website and video. It was simple for a first time answering service shopper to understand all the different options. I have spoken with Alisha and she was extremely helpful. I will be taking your information to my partners and making a decision this week." 

Stephen Posta, Bema Information Technologies

"I've been a satisfied client of (and cheerleader for) VoiceNation for the last year.  I have, and will continue to, recommend your services to anyone who can benefit from them." 

Brent Schneider, Brent Schneider

"I am happy I made the decision to go with VoiceNation a few months ago. I love the service."

Cindy Carver, DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption

"I've been a client for a couple months, and I LOVE the service you offer! Thanks VoiceNation! =)"

Morrelle McCrary, RAM-Tech PC Solutions

"VoiceNation will help bridge the gap on missed calls and help us possible lock in more sales."

Michelle Cherry, CEO-QDDP, Retro

"So far this is the best $30.00 Retro has ever spent! I called and your representative was so very professional. Thank you!"

Paul Hart, Hart's PC Repair

"Really appreciate the awesome service!" 

David Moore

"Hey, just got off the phone with your incredible support staff and we love VoiceNation here. Bid suggestion, I also own an advertising, marketing, and technology company and recommend you to all our clients which are mainly churches. Would you consider adding Christian Contemporary to your hold music? :) Let us know if you do!"

Strategic Skills Training Institute

"I would like to go on record in relaying my gratitude to the level of professionalism your call takers while answering. I have received several compliments in this area on my customer reviews and critiques and would like to relay that to you. Keep up the great work and thank you for all that you all do." 

Chris Mougeotte, Lake City Saver Magazine

"We love our VoiceNation service! Just referred you to another business. Keep up the good work. Laura Martin Rocks too - Thanks for putting us in touch with her!" 

Dana Valikai, Zambezi

"VoiceNation was an incredible company to work with. Their unique phone services were perfect for our client's advertising needs as well as affordable. With strong customer service and tech support, VoiceNation is a great advertising partner, and we look forward to working with them again."