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Your business demands more. You deserve the best.

VoiceNation is the only choice for professional-grade live answering service.

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A live answering experience simply unmatched
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VoiceNation sets a new standard in live answering by combining
intensive staff development, groundbreaking technology and a creative, fun work culture.

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Over 50,000 businesses worldwide have chosen VoiceNation
as their professional telephone answering service.
“I am overwhelmed with the level of professionalism that VoiceNation offers and recommend their services to everyone that I know in the business world!" — Jeff, Business Consultant

Essential Features Are Just the Beginning

You won't find the select level of features available with VoiceNation anywhere else on the market.
We deliver premium features you'd expect and best of all, of our agents are right here in our state-of-the-art call center
- not sitting at home remotely answering your important calls in a not-so-professional environment.

  • No Home-based Agents
  • Feature-rich Dashboard
  • Agent Scripting with Ease
  • Appointment Setting
  • Emergency Dispatch
"VoiceNation can handle anything, even 40,000 Colbert fans. And don't you forget it!" — Stephen Colbert

It's a fact: Not all live answering services are the same.

For over a decade we've been pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the industry.
Out of our own need for enhanced features and flexibility not available in legacy systems, we were the first to introduce:

Seal of Excellence
  • Instant Account Provisioning
  • Full Account Management in a Dashboard
  • Upfront "Pricing Made Simple"
  • SmartRoute Technology
  • Open Source Answering Service Software
  • Daily Staff Development for all Agents
  • Creative Commons Job-Life Skills Curriculum
  • ... and more
But at the end of the day, we believe it's OUR PEOPLE
that make us uniquely awesome, and OUR PEOPLE are YOUR PEOPLE.

"Top Provider in Industry" - PCWorld Magazine

“While working here at VoiceNation, I've grown so much through the staff development program. I'm really thankful!” - Marie, Customer Support at VoiceNation