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Manufacturing and Advertising Companies Require Immediate Communication

While all businesses in the nation require reliable communication, firms located in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois in the manufacturing and advertising industries have found that their communication needs have changed significantly.

Once it was acceptable (though not preferable) to allow calls that could not be answered by a live operator to go to voicemail. The caller would then leave a message and a company representative would respond when time permitted. However, for most companies, the pace of business communications has increased considerably, and callers now expect (and deserve) to have their calls answered immediately.

Of course, the problem is that most firms lack the funds needed to operate their own call centers. Even a full office staff can represent an enormous cost in terms of payroll and employee benefits, one that many manufacturers and advertising firms simply cannot afford to meet today. Still, that does not change the fact that those calls must be answered immediately. How are today's firms supposed to do that, while avoiding the enormous costs involved?

Live Call Answering Can Help

Before you decide that there is nothing that can be done, you should know that there is a solution here. Live call answering services can ensure that all calls to your company are answered by a live operator, avoiding the problems inherent with voicemail messages, missed calls and unhappy customers. There are some innovative services offered by these firms, as well.

For instance, one of the most beneficial options for both advertising companies and manufacturers is the lead capture service. This ensures that all marketing campaign leads are captured, minimizing lost ROI. After hours on call service is another valuable feature. Obviously, your company doesn't operate 24-hours per day. However, that doesn't mean that your clients aren't calling after hours. By using a live call answering service, you can ensure that those calls are answered around the clock. This ensures that emergency calls are routed correctly, and that important calls are not missed.

A live message relay feature is another valuable benefit your company will gain when working with the right live call answering service. This ensures that a live operator answers each call, accurate messages are taken and then delivered directly to the team members in question. This can also be used with a custom escalation list, should your team or specific member not be available at the time.

Emergency dispatching is an invaluable service. This ensures that your customers are satisfied and their problems are taken care of at all times. When a call comes in, it will be dispatched to after hours personnel or to your on call staff. In addition, you should receive a report that details all calls that came through after hours, so you can ensure that your customers are being served correctly.

Working with VoiceNation Live

While there are many different live call answering services available, you will find that VoiceNation Live offers the lowest prices in the industry, coupled with the lowest hold times and the best performance. Working with VoiceNation Live is the best answer to your problem, and will help ensure better growth and profitability for your firm.